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Let’s Get Lit Luxury Candles

Dad Bod

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Our Dad Bod male figure candle is the perfect pair for our Xtina or can be a stand alone piece. He’s 9cm tall and beauty to behold. He comes scented and in range of scents and colours.

Candle Care

Our booty and body candles are hand crafted and poured and are intended to be decorative and a centrepiece for your home. However, if you do wish to burn them please place on a heatproof surface such as a large plate or dish so the wax does not spill. Never leave a burning candle unattended, in reach of children, animals or anything that may catch alight. To get more use out of your candle you can collect the broken off wax once it’s cooled and use it in a wax melter.


Please note that all of our candles are hand poured and crafted so there maybe slight imperfections and variations in colour which makes each one unique and a one of a kind.


We hope you enjoy the beauty and scent our candles bring into your home and that you shop with us again soon. Thank you for your purchase and please follow us @lets.get.lit__candles

Let’s Get Lit xoxo