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Love Potion

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Our Love Potion is beautiful and highly scented. This intention candle has been designed to light your desires and invite love and passion into your life and home. Based on our three principles of colour psychology, crystal therapy

And aromatherapy; our hand poured crystal infused soy wax beauty is available today.

🔥Crystal Therapy- Each rose quartz has been embedded by hand. The rose quartz is the love stone and can open your heart, help you to find love, love yourself and heal a broken heart. It’s believed to ignite feelings of happiness, sensuality and love.

We have embedded either white quartz for act as a beacon to help to show you your way and and remove energy blockages from past experiences or amethyst as is is the couples stone and can be used to bring back, bring forward or retain a loving relationship.

🔥Aromatherapy- We have used the highest concentrate possible of locally scoured rose fragrance which is connected to sensations of love and desire. Deeply connected to the heart it naturally brings out your essence of love and passion.

🔥 Colour Psychology- The use of pink crystals can invoke euphoric responses and the hue is usually associated in our minds with love and romance.

For best results set intention before burning your candle and have crystals in sight.