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Let’s Get Lit Luxury Candles

Skinny Bitch

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Introducing Skinny Bitch

Our intention candles have been developed after extensive research into colour , crystal and aromatherapy.

Our hand poured, locally sourced soy wax jar candleis are designed to promote weight loss and weight management.

🔥Colour Therapy- blue and purple are associated with weight loss benefits, calmness and healing both of which have used in our crystals.

🔥 Crystal Therapy- Healing and calming Sodalite can soothe your cravings, amethyst helps to balance hormones and make better food choices, white quartz amplifies inner energy to help you accomplish your goals while black obsidian is effective against natural energies and is metabolism enhancing

🔥 Aromatherapy- Polyphenols in bergamot  stimulates metabolism and are helpful compounds to halt the productions of blood fats while orange can reduce stress, lift mood and promote weight loss.

🔥The scent of lemon can significantly improve mindset, improve digestion and curb cravings.

🔥The scent of grapefruit oil can stimulate the breakdown of fat tissue and led to a reduction in food intake.

🔥 The scent of orange can assist in the reduction of weight gain and improve mood.

For best results burn in living and dining areas and with crystals in sight. Set your intention before burning.